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exp: {{current}}/{{exp}}
balance: {{balance}}
cash: {{cash}}

Select the right plant for planting

Orange tree
buy: 30
sell: 105
exp: 1
growth: 12 min
White flowers
buy: 25
sell: 88
exp: 2
growth: 48 min
Tall tree
buy: 13
sell: 61
exp: 1
growth: 12 min
buy: 70
sell: 162
exp: 4
growth: 24 min
Veget palm
buy: 20
sell: 107
exp: 1
growth: 24 min
Income: {{income}} gold/day

cost: 1488

How to play

What is BlockchainFarm?

BlockchainFarm is a farming simulation social network game based on Nebulas blockchain. Develop your farm by growing plants, mining coins and collect them to lead the rating of the most successful blockchain farmers.

How to play?

The player begins with an empty farm and a fixed starting number of Coins, the primary currency in the Players also earn XP (experience points) for performing certain actions in the game such as plowing land or buying items.
At certain XP benchmarks, the player's level rises.
As the player obtains more items and progresses through levels, new crops and new animals(cooming soon) become available to them.



E-mail: alexdarkstalkeroriginal@gmail.com

Transaction is

You don't have enough gold